Code of Conduct

UpdatedMonday July 30, 2018 byBrittany Vogel.


As a member of the BERNIE FOOTBALL or CHEER Team, I agree to:

  • Act like a lady or gentleman on and off the field
  • Stay current in my school work
  • Advise the coach when I am hurt, sick, or not feeling well
  • Be on time and fully dressed for practices and games
  • Pay attention to all instructions
  • Encourage my teammates at all times
  • Respect my teammates, the officials, and our opponents
  • Refrain from using offensive language
  • Maintain my equipment and return same when due
  • Advise a coach when I do not understand
  • Treat others as I like to be treated
  • Provide an excuse for any missed practice or game
  • Not play in the 1st quarter, and possibly longer, if I miss one practice during a game week
  • Not play in the 1st half, and possibly longer, if I miss two practices during a game week
  • Recognize that older players will play more than younger players, all else being equal
  • Stay with the program until the end of the season


As a parent ~ guardian to a member of the BERNIE FOOTBALL Teams, I agree to:

  • Support the players’ rules above
  • Respect all players, parents, coaches and officials
  • Provide an excuse for all absences
  • Not interfere with practice or games
  • Attend games and support the team whenever possible
  • Observe restricted areas during games
  • Refrain from speaking with game and or league officials
  • Direct all questions, concerns, and or complaints to the team coach
  • Obtain Coach’s approval prior to altering or substituting equipment


As a coach of the BERNIE FOOTBALL Program, I agree to:

  • Teach basic Heads Up Football fundamentals and techniques
  • Provide a positive learning environment
  • Respect all players, parents, coaches, and officials
  • Assist players who require/seek additional help
  • Encourage every player to play at their full potential
  • Refrain from using offensive language
  • Play all players who are prepared to play
  • Start as many players as possible
  • Play older players more than younger players, all else being equal
  • Not play players missing 1 practice during game week for at least the 1st quarter
  • Not play players missing 2 practices during game week for at least the 1st half